Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pizza Night!!

Saturday night pizza night! Well sort of...

We've been sort of exaggerating the hype on pizza night for the last couple days since we came across the bag of pepperoni slices in our food bin. Well into the trip past the fresh cold food we kind of realized that in the rush of provisioning, we didn't leave too much creativity around our dinner meals (plus the need to eat non-perishables) which led to every dinner base of either pasta, brown rice and lentils, or brown rice and more brown rice. Added to that has been tomato sauce or canned veggies or canned mushrooms - in that rotation...

Needless to say we're carb'ed out and looking forward food on land!

Speaking of land, we're making good progress today and seem to have the wind out of the north we've been looking for. This is helping us move along quickly around 8 knots at the moment.

Looking forward to only a couple more days before we enter SF Bay. Hopefully we can share some shots of the Farallon Islands - even if from a distance :)

Talk soon and thanks for following!



  1. Yay! Sending energy for your return. Well done Bullet crew! LLP

  2. I bet pepperoni looks pretty good right now.😀

  3. No fish yet ??? I was hoping for a yarn about catching the big one, or at least the big one that got away. Hope your weather continues to be favorable and the ride enjoyable. Any Ritchie sightings ?

  4. Looks like we are in a countdown now. Hoping to see all you scruffy guys tomorrow!!