Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Settling in ....

Day four on the water has us settling in to the routine at sea. Our watch schedule has us on for 9 hours a day -- with two always on at night and one on during the day. The rest of the time is to rest, eat, and take care of other boat tasks.

It has been hot and muggy in the cabin, making it difficult to rest. Also, heading up wind for days on end isn't the most comfortable -- as you are always living at a 20 degree angle and the boat is always being jostled and washed around by the waves. The good news is that we have good wind are making nice progress. Will hopefully be in more comfortable conditions by the end of the week, and make that turn towards California to which we are all looking forward.

Last night we made our first hot dinner. The good food gave us all more energy and was a morale boost.

Also, with the clear skies are are getting great solar power from the sun. Today our two panels are putting 7-8 amps into the house batter banks, and covering our energy consumption. This will mean we should not have to run the motor as much to recharge the batteries.

To answer some questions: Still no luck with fish and we haven't not seen any of the other boats that we are told are close to our position. We saw Pacem on day 2 (I think?), but they headed slightly more westerly and we lost sight.

Pics show Scott eating and Anthony driving.


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