Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Remote, yet busy

As you probably noticed on the tracker, we are now pointed towards SF and heading home! As we get more favorable winds, our speed should pick up and the miles remaining will decrease more rapidly.

Our friend Dave from Mudshark noted that a couple days ago we were in one of the most remote spots on earth, as we were briefly > 1000 nm from any land. (Mudshark is another Express 37 where the Bullet return crew originally met. Dave was kind enough to lend us his Dacron mainsail for this passage, which has been a huge help thus far. Thanks again Dave and Beki!)

Though we are about as far from land as one can get, it also turns out to be a fairly well trafficked area for commercial shipping (when compared to the first part of our journey). We see one to two ships on Bullet's AIS display each day. Most of the time they are 15-20 nm away, and we can not see them. On Sunday evening, we saw the Hanjin Rome on AIS bearing towards us (commercial ships are required to carry a AIS transponder, which provides its position, speed, direction and other information to vessels with AIS receivers within about 25 nm). Once in visual range, we hailed them via our VHF and they agreed to pass us to our stern. Doesn't hurt to make sure the big boats can see us little guys, especially in this big ocean!

Though we will of course keep watch in this "busy neighborhood", being around shipping traffic has potential benefit. In the unlikely event in loss of an emergency, commercial shipping will likely be first on scene to provide rescue.

Pictured is Hanjin Rome about one mile off our stern.



  1. Good to hear from you again. Have you had any more rain?

  2. Thanks for the update! Did you run into the Pacific gyre ( trash vortex) ?

  3. I thought huge shipping vessels like that just got the right of way. Thanks for the education though I don't know if it will come in handy in Wyoming.

  4. Thanks for the update! Remote, but watching the tracking map it seems like you're making quick progress already.

    Best wishes for the rest of the way home!


  5. While you are still a few days out, wondering if the entry back into SF will be as challenging as the exit??

  6. Hope you have a clear night to watch Perseid meteor shower tonight. I imagine you'll have an incredible view. Hope it's smooth sailing for the remainder of your voyage!

  7. I noticed that many of the boats including Bullet made a kind of zigzag when they changed direction from north to east. Is there any significance to that maneuver?